Thursday, January 15, 2009

Threat to democracy in Tennessee comes today

An unprecedented power grab by supposedly outgoing House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh must be met and defeated today, or democracy and the power of the people to direct their government will be lost for another two years.

Naifeh, who successfully got a puppet elected to take his office earlier in the week, now wants a resolution passed to create the office of "Speaker Emeritus", which would allow him to retain all the power he is supposed to giving up.

You must call Democratic lawmakers and demand this resolution be defeated. Don't accept the excuse that it is just to honor Naifeh for his service. First, his service has been to enrich himself and his lobbyist wife.

Second, this resolution would allow him to keep his $28,000 a year state trooper to drive him around.

Third, he would receive extra pay for the creation of a new position when state workers face a layoff of 2,000 positions.

Fourth, such a title would give him the power to sit on every committee and vote to defeat legislation that would challenge his power.

Fifth, he would be honored for a tenure of corruption, that included Operation Tennessee Waltz.

If you have the time, come to the House and fill the gallery. And then be vocal.

But if you can't, call Democratic lawmakers and tell them that Naifeh deserves no honor. He lost at the ballot box Nov. 4. He should abide by the people's will.

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Kay Brooks said...

I've read HR0001. I don't see the perks you've mentioned enumerated in the bill. You base those on...what?