Saturday, January 10, 2009

Young women must assert themselves in the workplace or face being swept away by layoffs

The Wall Street Journal reports that young women who keep their heads down and their time dedicated to their workplace tasks risk being laid off first in the new wave of corporate job cuts.

In December, 524,000 people were laid off, the U.S. government reported yesterday.

So stay visible and assertive in the projects you connect yourself with in the workplace.

Let your boss know how much you need the job and what it means to your family and future. The WSJ says most people think you don't need the job or can easily find another one.

The WSJ provides these tips:

Make yourself irreplaceable.
Be very clear about what your responsibilities are, and make sure you are meeting them.
Pick up additional responsibilities.
Make sure your supervisors and colleagues are aware of your capabilities.
Continue to build your skills.
Look for opportunities at your company and elsewhere.
Don't seem paranoid or anxious.
Keep working at your current output level, and try to focus on getting the job done.

So take these marketing and survival tips to heart -- and the ones contained in this story:

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