Monday, January 12, 2009

Amons again produces solid TennCare piece

WSMV Channel 4 and investigative reporter Nancy Amons have shown themselves to be most aware about the life-threatening cuts to TennCare -- the latest story being the denial of home health care with nurses for 1,000 disabled, homebound Tennesseans.

Amons tonight featured Joey Mullins, who is on a ventilator and paralyzed from the chest down. TennCare says the state can no longer afford to pay for his home care nurses and must go to a nursing home.

But the nursing home says it can't properly care for Mr. Mullins.

And it took Amons to get the TennCare bureaucracy to say that Mullins can now keep his home health care. How many other people have been hurt and their lives endangered who don't have an investigative reporter to plead their case?

Two weeks ago, a federal judge allowed 20 Tennesseans to keep their home health care. But the ruling does not affect the other 1,000 of our vulnerable citizens such as Mullins.

The legislative session begins this Wednesday. Some time after that, lawmakers must be encouraged to correct this wrong that defies basic human decency for the most vulnerable.

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Anonymous said...

Tim, what do you think of the Tennessean's TVA stories?