Friday, October 10, 2008

Vandy ready for Top 10 ranking with next win; sports media need to recognize a helluva story

I'm amazed at how much the sports news media continues to look at Vanderbilt University's current football fortunes with such pauper eyes.

With a win this weekend over Mississippi State and Texas' expected loss to No. 1 Oklahoma, the 'Dores could well vault into the top 10 nationally. Flordia and LSU also will battle tomorrow, ejecting one of those teams from the top 10. Highly ranked Mizzou is ripe for an upset by Oklahoma State.

So No. 13 Vandy should be getting ready to be amid some heady company.

Yet the still unbelieving local and national media simply say that Vandy with another win will clinch a bowl game since it will have six victories this season.

Good golly, Miss Molly! Lift your eyes from the ground and look to the horizon, sportswriters. With a win, Vandy remains undefeated nationally, ranked among the top 10 teams in the nation and one step closer to an SEC championship.

Gee whiz, folks. This year is one of firsts. Sen. Barack Obama is going to win the presidency. The FIRST African-American president. How about the stock market? The biggest one-week decline in market history. Surprise is the norm now.

There's an enormous sport story happening in Nashville, the SEC and Division I football. It's past time the local and national sports media notice.

Let the gold and black bandwagon roll on!

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