Thursday, December 25, 2008

Another e-mail from friend fighting the good fight

I got another e-mail from my friend and reader fighting the good fight against the depressed economy for his family and himself. He is an inspiration and is in my prayers.

Seek out these good people among you. They are there. Offer them support and encouragement. Most of all, offer them your prayers. Here is my friend's e-mail, which is most gracious to me, more than I deserve.

But that is the kind of good and decent man my friend is and why he more than deserves help:

Wow. Imagine my initial shock when I saw my email to you posted on your blog! It just serves to add to the sense of empowerment I get from reading your blog every day.

You are fighting battles on all fronts, and you keep championing your faith in God. You also write about topics that make me think, which is very helpful right now (therapeutic). It is Christmas Eve morning and I am sitting here listening to the rainfall, which is helping my two boys sleep later than normal.

I know, due to the holidays falling in the middle of the week, I will not generate any income for two weeks. The job search has signs of hope, only to find out companies are paying 75% of the normal rate for a simple dispatcher position.

Your blog keeps me grounded, to continually see what is really important. I have always believed, but never lived my life like a believer. Then it hit me last winter in Sunday school class - we must seek the light every day. I have been given so much, but I must do much more to see God's glory.

However, this is easier said than done! I am rambling now, but I wanted to check in and send some good wishes your way.

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