Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yes, I watch 'The Sound of Music'; whadda want to make of it, huh? It's manly and very human, too

Some men may not feel that they can admit to watching The Sound of Music each time it comes on at Christmastime and Eastertide.

By stereotype, we males have to admit to preferring to kill and skin a moose like Sarah Palin than watching a nun and a bunch of children frolic about the Austrian Alps in darling clothes made from old drapes.

But hell, I watch it. And I'm watching it right now as I write this post. It's manly to watch The Sound of Music. More importantly, it is human, even if all the story is not actually true(thank you for spoiling it all, New York Times).

And Julie Andrews has always been a fox, if that word is still used to describe beauty inside and out.

The songs and lyrics are eternal, as is the desire of man and woman to be free of evil like Nazism and Communism. The love is pure, not faked or frantic in gyrated gestures or vulgarity. It makes you feel good and hopeful.

So watch with pride, all ye men of the world. The movie actually is man at his best, because of a great woman.

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