Saturday, December 27, 2008

Unofficial Nashville Cricket Club provides glimpse into all the good diversity brings to America

I am privileged to be neighbors with some good men and their families from India.

They're living and working in Nashville as computer software professionals on a project for a local company, maintaining the pulse measuring America's economic strength. That's because while our children love video games, they're not all that interested in the engineering and mathematics behind the technology.

So this nation needs these men and my neighbors, who spend some of their free time playing Cricket at the Bicentennial Mall amphitheater. Back at their apartment units, the smells emanating on each floor are tantalizing. The kindness and intellect from these good people is inspiring, as is their nation which rightly has become an economic superpower.

British rule brutalized India's citizens. Poverty associated with such a large population following independence sobered India's citizens, including Mother Teresa. An unstable Pakistan, which continues to hide Osama bin Laden, still threatens India's citizens.

But the new millennium has delivered a rising standard of living built upon the brain power of India's citizens.

Meanwhile, Nashville and America continue to be the beneficiaries of the world's diversity, just as we are in each Olympics. And these men are keeping this nation in the economic superpower game while lifting their own into it.


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