Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tennessean's editor still thinks readers are stupid

I don't fully read the Sunday columns written by Tennessean editor Mark Silverman, because I hate to see readers I learned to love during my 10 years as a columnist treated with such disrespect.

Today, Silverman tried to convince readers that there is no connection between the editorial board and the news decisions made in the newspaper.

Yet consider that Silverman sits on the editorial board and makes all the decisions in the news meeting. It would be as if executives of the Big 3 automakers testified to Congress asking for bailout then were allowed to vote on it.

I've lost count of the number of Tennesseans, including former members of The Tennessean operating committee, who know better. For years, current editorial board page Dwight Lewis served on the editorial board, served as a news editor and helped make news page decisions and finally wrote his own opinion column.

During one of the few unfortunate times I had to meet Silverman face to face, he noted to me that Lewis wrote two columns a week and performed other functions for the newspaper. Lewis had to serve as an editor because The Tennessean has had trouble keeping black journalists.

So don't believe Silverman. You know better. And you should let him know that you do.

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Jessica Smith said...

Interesting, I found this blog while trying to figure out who the editor for the Tennessean is, I think your views are well stated.