Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chip the Magic Republican may have lost his big chance at RNC's top post with racist CD mailing

NewsChannel 5 reports tonight that Tennessee Republican notable Chip Saltsman is losing favor and face with GOP leaders across the country and regular Tennesseans for his Christmas gift CD of a racist song about President-elect Barack Obama.

Saltsman wants to be chairman of the Republican National Committee and thought the CD that contained the Rush Limbaugh song "Barack the Magic Negro" would impress fellow GOP operatives and make them laugh as well.

The joke has ended up on him.

Chip the Stupid Republican is backed by Tennessee GOP giant Dr. Bill Frist. The former Senate Majority Leader has not commented about the foolish act on the part of his protege. But others are. And Saltsman appears sacked in his quest to lead the GOP nationally and further into oblivion.

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