Saturday, December 27, 2008

Peace on Earth ends quickly after Christmas

Israeli jets killed at least 155 people in retaliation for rocketing by Hamas, a car bombing killed 28 in Baghdad, Pakistani troops have mobilized in rising tensions with India and more worries emerged here as senior citizen bond holders realized their savings are in jeopardy.

Peace on Earth is so fleeting after Christmas. The world just seems to grow more dangerous. Perhaps it is a reminder that there really is not supposed to any heaven on Earth, no matter how much we try to make it so with all the things we buy ourselves and each other.

The terrible events also remind us that Peace on Earth should be our prayer every day, not just on Christmas. As the late Pope Paul VI always reminded us, if you want peace, work for justice. That the responsibility of our leaders nationally and globally, and ours in our communities and neighborhoods and households.

For all the souls touched negatively today, let us offer our prayers and support. While we may never reach it, Peace on Earth must always be our goal.

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