Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A beautiful message from a reader who is healing; God be with you, others in the struggle of our lives

The truth I have learned as of late is that the kindest people usually are those who have had the unkindness things done or happen to them.

Now, and for the next two years, a lot of unkindness will be dished out by the economy like staggering body and head blows in a prize fight.

We must endure and keep standing. And the following e-mail from a reader of this blog proves my point about the true source of inspiring kindness and lasting stamina:

As tears fill my eyes I must thank you for praying for my wife in your post Nighttime is loneliest time for people losing heart

I am a self-employed consultant to the Transportation industry and have lost 80% of my income with the current economic conditions since September. God has humbled me.

Every day becomes a struggle with the ever present cloud of financial worry. My wife is the one who puts all the burdens on herself and her sleepless nights are tough.

Working part time as a realtor she puts all the pressure on herself. But we will be fine. We moved to Nashville from Atlanta to be near my wife's family six years ago.

We have our church and Sunday school class. I am finally seeing glimmers of hope after weeks of hopelessness. I talk to customers every day about their fear of losing their jobs. No one is immune to these conditions.

I feel such guilt that you are praying for us after all you are going through. I am grateful I have discovered your blog. I was a faithful reader of your columns and your voice of reason.

If you ever, ever need a ride, a chore done, anything (I'm not quite sure to how to convey this) please call. You are in our prayers.

Good sir, you have already helped me more than you know with your most kind e-mail. You remain in my prayers and more.

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