Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thank you, good people, for reading my blog

Traffic on my blog has doubled the past 30 days. Now my numbers were small to begin with, so a doubling of traffic should be taken with limited impression.

Still, I really appreciate anyone who takes any time to read what I write. And I believe more people are coming to the blog because it offers two things missing in the supposed mainstream news media: faith as a personal virtue and hope amid a troubling world.

So I'll keep bringing you more of these blog posts, along with financial advice to avoid so many of the self-serving hypocrites on television.

My life has been in a lot of turmoil during this reader upswing. So maybe some new readers find a kinship, since their lives may be difficult, too. My faith has gotten me through this time. And my faith has instilled a deep sense of hope inside me that things will get better as long as I stay obedient to God's will and reject that of the world.

No matter. I just really appreciate the good people who have chosen to join my blog. Send me your ideas and comments and perspective on life. So go on and hope. Endure. And triumph. With God, not despite Him.

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