Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nashville church begins $100,000 economic stimulus program to families with home mortgages

Not content to wait on Washington D.C., a Nashville church is planning to issue economic stimulus checks to struggling families trying to still afford their home mortgages, children's clothing and groceries amid the demanding holiday season.

One in 10 American homes are behind in mortgage payments, a record since such numbers were first kept in 1979.

The local church wants to stay unidentified to allow the program to work out its kinks. The scope of the program will be worth more than $100,000. But the program and the leadership behind it obviously is geared to what is happening in households around Middle Tennessee -- and why churches should be involved in such heroics.

A new study shows more Americans are going to church as times getting harder. So adversity can be a great teacher. Charity to our brothers and sisters in the pews with us can put that teaching into important action.

It has been said that charity should begin at home. If your place of worship does not feel like home, then you need to find another place to worship -- to help each other in the toughest of times.


Will Johnston said...

It's awesome to see a church reaching out in this way! Churches are too often known for being against things. This one is turning that on its head.

Southern Beale said...

There is already an organization of some 30 Nashville congregations providing mortgage and rental assistance to those in need. However, they use Metro Social Services for oversight. This church should contact them on some advice about logistics. The organization is called Rooftop.