Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Man or Woman of the Year: The U.S. household

Sorry Barack Obama. But no person or persons were more affected and made more news than the American family in 2008, rocked by the worst recession since the Great Depression and probably the worst of all time when it comes to the loss of wealth.

Layoffs, home foreclosures, plummeting home values and the loss of wealth in 401ks and other investments in the stock market made the U.S. family most at risk and most at the top of newscasts and on front pages for the massive amount of hurt being endured.

These people will continue to be the major news makers well into the new year as Obama will be unable to really affect this economic downturn. At best, most stock analysts do not see the stock market improving until past the middle of 2009 at the earliest. Some see 2010 as a lost year, too. The same can be said for home valuee. Real estate is the centerpiece of most families' assets.

While it has suffered most, the American household has been the foundation for any real hope for the future -- as families cut back on spending, parents search for new and additional jobs and home mortgage holders seek to hold the sheriff at bay.

So here's to the American family on this New Year's Even. I offer admiration and prayers for patience, as this economy refuses to improve for a long time to come.

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