Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas Eve of concern and giving; new economic stimilus program off to roaring start

Last night's Christmas Eve Mass at St. Edward Catholic Church featured a fanstastic choir -- of which I was a small part -- and a great liturgy.

But the most moving part of the night was an update on the church's economic stimilus plan aimed at its households beset by the depressed economy, layoffs and Christmas buying stress.

Father Joseph Patrick Breen, my mentor and maker of the miracle at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, told the congregation that checks had been written so far for the families of children at the church-run school for more than $121,000.

That represented a $250 check for each of the 486 children. Families with multiple children in the school received multiple checks to help them through the Christmas season, layoffs and other concerns.

One of the more inspiring things to come from the effort is that some families have decided to pass their checks on to folks more in need, Father Breen said.

It is most evident that every church should be looking at establishing and running such a program. Government takes its time when it comes to the people. Wall Street fatcats already have been served, and served quite well.

So church or any place of worship is a natural place to look for help and provide it.

At St. Edward, new hope has arisen in keeping with the Christmas story and economic times. Encourage your church's leadership to do the same.

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