Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008! Not all Christianity the same for people who claim to be believers

In communicating with a fellow believer yesterday, I learned again that not all Christianity is the same -- for which I apologize ... specifically for it and myself.

Not all Christianity is tolerant beyond the plank in its own eye, and I have fallen victim to that wrong in my writing here and in my life.

Not all Christianity is tolerant of different approaches to living that still seek the common good and God's greater glory, and I have fallen victim to that wrong in what I have written here, failed to write and in how I've lived all my life.

Not all Christianity views the child born "this day in Bethlehem" as a forgiving and most compassionate God, and I have been too much of a judge in my writing here, in what I have failed to write and in how I've lived my life.

There is more that I could here and should list. But the point should be obvious to most of us, if not the believer who is the motivating reminder of the need for me to write this post.

As a matter of fact, the single person who has been the most help to me the past two months -- and "savior" for appropriate use of the term of this season -- probably would not pass muster under the fellow believer's type of faith.

She has been partnered to the same man for the past 20 years in a loving, giving relationship that has everything a good marriage should ... except the actual wedding certificate. She has lived more actual life -- tough and knock down, drag out -- than the believer of this post who views the Internet as a toy instead of the threat that it too often can be to marriages that start out fresh and clean and in churches.

I've never asked the person who has been the most help to me about her faith. I can see it in her actions and kindness -- from the loving embrace of her grandchild to helping someone such as me.

So for the believer, I realize this post won't mean a thing. There is nothing more entrenched -- like an incumbent politician -- than a long-time Christian ... sometimes.

Awake, Jerusalem, awake! Your savior is here! But don't look for a judge on high, but a baby in a manger -- born to a woman who initially was a single mother and in a place only fit for animals.

O, Jerusalem! Please wake up and take heed ... adore and understand! Your savior lives and forgives!

Amen. Gloria, in excelsis Deo! Amen.

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