Friday, December 26, 2008

The best Christmas gift is in enjoying the moment

Residents of Tennessee and Nashville received their Christmas gift the day after the holiday with spring-like temperatures. And Bicentennial Mall from end to end was a place of loving and living life for the beautiful moment, just as God wants us to.

On the west end were two twin boys in their teens, with little sister tagging along, throwing a lacrosse ball between their sticks on the concrete circle of Tennessee's three stars denoting regions of the state.

On the east end were 10 Indian young men, using the amphitheater as a Cricket field complete with paddle and tennis ball. One Ruthian smash brought applause from the 11 of us on hand to watch their play.

In between were small dogs and big dogs -- the minature ones not cooperating with the tug of the leash by their supposed masters and the big animals frightened by every stranger. Dogs are so strange.

I got to complete my daily two and a half hours of vigorous exercise. I usually end each second workout of the day with a challenge. Yesterday, it was a half-mile sprint. Yes, I was actually sprinting at 50 like I did when I was 20. Today, it was the usual -- taking the steps on the run on the giant ascending to the state Capitol. Why do I do the steps? Just as with Everest ... because they are there.

For the moment amid God's gift of a warm winter day, we the people of Tennessee and Nashville were simply enjoying life, getting away from what may be grim realities awaiting at home due to the economy or their health.

I could not tell on this day who had cancer(in remission) such as me, or who had just lost their job, or who would have his or her home forclosed upon after the first of the next month.

On this afternoon, it was mandated that we leave life's grim realities behind -- if only for a few hours. And we were required to celebrate life, lest we lose this important reminder about what is the very best of it.

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