Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Vlad' and 'Bam set new high bar for manhood

In a vote on the Drudge Report, tyrant Vladamir Putin buried Barack Obama in a vote on the deliciousness of their upper bodies shown in pictures on the website.

Of course, readers of the site are more conservative. And it doesn't say much for them that they'd vote for a former KGB chief compared to the new leader of the Free World.

Yet, truly, I think Obama has the better upper body. But of course, I supported him for president, when it came to only considering his intellect, not his pecs.

For all men, however, the challenge has been sent forth. If you're gorging on holiday goodies the next few days and will pig yourself out tomorrow with food and booze, you're falling behind a new world order.

After looking at the website vote, I immediately headed to the gym downstairs to work on the weights and stair-stepping machine. I work out everyday anyway, but these guys are really setting the bar high.

Great bods matter -- to women and now to leaders of this Earth's greater powers. Get physical and off the couch or else.

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