Monday, December 29, 2008

God answers prayers; good news from a good man

I got the following e-mail today from a Williamson County friend and reader about his changing fortunes in our difficult economy.

Take hope from what he writes and proof that God indeed does answer prayers.

We must pray hard for each other and offer one another hope. I was at the Election Commission this morning changing my voter registration to Davidson County. I overheard a man on the phone replying with surprise to the news that the person on the other end had just been laid off. Look for a lot of layoffs in the coming days and weeks, particularly in the retail and services sector.

But each single victory must be celebrated in this onoing war. Here is what my friend writes:

Man, you have been busy with the blog.

Christmas Eve was tough for my wife with suddenly too much time to think about things.Christmas Day gives her a brief respite being with her sisters and parents who are all in good health.The drive home brings on more suffering and I don't respond very kindly this time. The unknown of the future creeps back in.

I had been a finalist for a weekend position tracking air freight and mail deliveries for a new logistics company in Nashville.The decision should have been made last Monday but wasn't settled until Friday after Christmas.Yes, I got the job and could start the next day on Saturday!

The pay is not that great but it allows me to keep doing what I do during the week while I wait for business to pick up again. Of course, at 1:30 AM Saturday morning I am stricken with the dreaded stomach virus. Can you believe it? It is brutal. Not wanting to call in sick on my first day, I drag myself into the shower and drive out near the airport to meet the operations manager.

I explain to him how much I was looking forward to starting but I did not want to make him sick. I think it impressed him because we had a really good first day Sunday.

There is hope!

I know I keep saying this, but your blog continues to inspire me. Your picture in front of your paintings is great. There is such life in your eyes.

God Bless.

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