Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Searching for the Christmas Miracle, Part II

Sometimes, the Christmas Miracle we seek is nothing we could have imagined.

A year ago, I lived in the most affluent city in Tennessee, home to NFL and NHL stars besides Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

On Christmas Eve 2008, I shop and walk and pray in one of the most impoverished, crime-ridden parts of Nashville. I live right on its border. And I could not feel more blessed.

The people I have met here, the fight they continue and the dreams they still possess have lifted me like no others before. I have come across heroics that seem to never make it into the news media. But these acts, these miracles are there, if we would only go and see -- like the shepherds did at the manger.

Diversity is more than about people. It is about the experiences in our lives and who we are open to, and who our lives have been sheltered from.

I have been freed from my self-imprisonment. And in these good people, I have found God.

O, Come, O, Come, Emmanuel!

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