Friday, December 19, 2008

Nashville inaugural ball continues to grow in clout; press conference will be held next Tuesday

Momentum continues to behind a Nashville inaugural ball and celebration -- dedicated to diversity of race, politics, ideoology and commmunty -- scheduled for the same day President Barack Obama's swearing into office.

As announced yesterday, Nashville religious leader the Reverend Dr. Charles McGowan, president of the Operation Andrew Group and retired pastor of the Belle Meade area, Christ Presbyterian Church, will serve as one of four primary hosts of the event.

Dr. McGowan is one of the most prominent clergy in Middle Tennessee. He also brings the clout of the Belle Meade section of Nashville, home to former Vice President Al Gore and other Tennesseans of distinguished accomplishment.

Dr. McGowan will be joined in primary host duties by Nashville business leader Ms. Carol Jenkins who served on President Bush's Small Business Advisory Council, superstar Country artist and grammy winner Sharon White-Skaggs and the Rev. Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Baptist Church and my mentor.

"Nashville is about to experience a truly unique and historic American evening in more ways than anyone anticipated," Fuzz said.

A press conferene about the event will be held Tuesday.

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