Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Protest brings out 100 people in Nashville in call for Israel, Hamas to lay down their arms

Despite a cold day and uncertainty of how Nashvillians would react to a visible Arab presence, 100 people gathered early this afternoon at the foot of the hill upon which the state Capitol building sits to call for Israel and Hamas to lay down their weapons.

The peaceful gathering drew many honking horns of approval from drivers.

Why Nashville?

Why not.

The message was clear. Both sides need to seek peace and send no more rockets, jets or a ground offensive into each other's territory. And the large turnout came after only two days of advertising the event.

A Jewish, Metro Nashville resident stopped to show support for the cause of peace and a call for both sides to lay down their arms. A local rabbi and some members of his congregation stopped by early in the protest for peace, WSMV Channel 4 reported.

Jews and Arabs can agree and find common ground.

The world believes the same. And from the unlikeliest place of Nashville, just hours before New Year's Eve, a strong statement went out for peace on Earth, goodwill to all.

That provides hope for a better 2009.

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