Monday, December 29, 2008

When Joe speaks up, I listen and research

My good friend Joe -- who is the epitome of a great manager of people and profits in Cool Springs -- told me the other day that he disagreed with the conclusion I had about Habitat for Humanity and its efforts in Davidson County for affordable housing.

When I noted the controversy about Habitat only locating developments in poor neighborhoods in north Nashville, he pointed out what he called a beautiful development in Antioch near Harding Place and I-24. That's south Nashville.

I promised Joe I would get out to the development and backtrack in my conclusion if necessary.

Unfortunately, several of the homes were struck by fire over the weekend, and it breaks your heart. I'm still going to get out there and take some pictures for the blog. Then I'll write about how Habitat fits in what should be an active public policy intiative by Nashville government to address the crushing need for affordable housing.

So stay tuned.

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