Friday, December 26, 2008

Getting back to the real world; saying goodbye to Christmas season, dealing with mounting woes

Unlike most people, I am most anxious for Christmas to be gone after Christmas Eve and early Christmas morning.

I like to laugh and have fun more than the average person. But when it is time to get serious and deal with reality, I get stone sober real fast. And the reality again facing us today in Tennessee and this nation is frightening and devastating in so many lives around us.

If you don't see it, or have ignored mounting layoff announcements, budget cuts and home foreclosures, then you are purposely unaware. The amount of stress and human worry is mounting in America. We must be about alleviating some of that doom or else.

That's why today's coalition of the willing press conference in Nashville is so important to me in really creating change.

More than President Obama, this group -- supporting a charity inaugural ball here Jam. 20 across racial, political and class lines -- can be about a new way of approaching this post-Christmas reality with a unity that overcomes the existing divisions of the dispirited.

We can and must make a difference in all lives of all colors of all classes feeling the same woe in one form of another.

Goodbye Christmas 2008. You were wonderful. But it time to get back to reality and healing the hurting -- whose numbers and woe continue to frighteningly grow with each desperate day.

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