Friday, December 19, 2008

Waiting on a brave, new world of journalism

Talk and speculation continues to spread about the unveiling of a brave, new journalism presence in Nasvhille.

Such an electronic, print effort would be of a great public service, and hopefully profitable. Just because The Tennessean couldn't pull it off means nothing. It just didn't have the quality of product.

Most certainly, there are enough former Tennessean newsroom folks to fill three staffs of a brave, new venture. And they'd work free lance, so no benefits needed.

I can only encourage the principals in this venture the very best and good fortune. And I hope the same for Nashville readers, who also deserve their luck to change with the local print news media.

Give me a call. I can help in more ways than you'd ever imagine, professionally and financially.

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Anonymous said...

Tim, I can see why you no longer work for the Tennessean - those journalists can run circles around you. You continue to stretch the truth and make things up. You should be ashamed. I know you won't post my comment but you know what I'm talking about. Your hatred for the Tennessean is obvious and has ruined your journalistic principles.