Friday, December 26, 2008

In the words of JFK, ask what you can do for your country; theme of Music City Inaugural Ball emerges at press conference unveiling event

Before the cameras of the Big 3 TV stations today here, two of the primary organizers of the Music City Charity Inaugural Ball crafted a message and picture of uncommon unity and service first as the themes for this gathering expected to be the largest outside of Nashville celebrating President Obama's entrance into office.

The Rev. Charles McGowan -- a longtime leading shepherd here and leader of a 250-strong member group that joins diverse congregations toward a common cause -- cited unity as the theme and Obama as "our" president to encourage all political sides, races and ethnicities to join together for the difficult road here and across the country economically and politically. McGowan did not support Obama in the general election but does now.

"I have not come across one person who has uttered a negative word about this event," McGowan said.

The Rev. Enoch Fuzz -- a longtime leading shepherd here who has formed coalitions with white and black pastors for a common cause including Rev. McGowan and to bring the Rev. Billy Graham Crusade here -- cited JFK's inaugural speech. It asked Americans not to ask what their country could do for them, but ask what they could do for their country. Fuzz supported Obama's candidacy.

"We face that same challenge now, what we can do for our country," Fuzz said. "We will have a suggestion box at the Ball for solutions to the problems here and across the country."

McGowan and Fuzz are two of the primary organizers, along with Sharon White-Skaggs, a superstar entertainer and wife of 10-time Grammy winner and Bluegrass performer Ricky Skaggs. Both will perform at the ball, along with a long list of Gospel and country music entertainers. The Skaggs did not support Obama in the general election but do now as president.

Along with these organizers, 44 hosts of all races, ethnicities, religions and politics from Music City will offer their support and title to the effort that will also benefit 21 local charities making a difference in people's lives.

Fuzz said the gathering would be the largest outside of Washington, D.C. He expects at least 750 people to attend. Six hundred tickets have been purchased so far. The ballroom can hold 1,000. Go to for information on purchasing tickets. The tax deductible price is $100 each.

He hopes the national media will come and do live spots from the celebration on the night of Jan. 20 from the massive ballroom of the Maxwell House Millennium Hotel.

Look to this blog for more updates and be a part of history, which includes the introduction of a new dance called "The Obama Slide". Or you can contact me at I am directing media relations for the event.

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