Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't look to market for any direction for rest of 2008; low volume and fear will keep indices mixed

If you're looking for direction from the financial markets to make a decision on whether to stay or get out of mututal funds, individual stocks or whatever, the remainder of the trading year will provide you no answers.

The Dow and other indices will trade narrowly at best, with few dramatic swings we've become used to during 2008. Traders are on holiday break, or just too damned tired to trying to figure out the non-figurable ... at the moment.

For me personally, I'd be out of the market and in cash. Why go through all the stress of timing a bottom or the beginning of a rally? Quit watching CNBC and take a walk or talk to a friend in need.

So take a break the next two weeks. But get ready for a dramatic renewal of the rat races among a lot of Wall Streets rats when it comes to where to put your money.

Next year is going to be the worst economic one in memory, and the market will reflect it. Get out the antacids if you decide to place your fortunes on Wall Street.

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