Friday, December 26, 2008

Saltsman should be ashamed of himself for passing along stupid CD as gift to his GOP buddies

Tennessee Republican mover and shaker Chip Saltsman has made a real ass out of himself by sending out a stupid Rush Limbaugh-originated song about "Barack the Magic Negro" to his GOP buddies with equally closed minds as a Christmas gift.

WSMV Channel 4 reports that Saltsman told CNN that the CD was simply political satire and intended to be a joke. Saltsman wants to be chairman of the Republican National Committee. And with the poor showing that the party's presidential candidate had among African-Americans and Hispanics on Nov. 4, Saltsman would be the perfect chairman to continue the alienation of this nation's people of color from the Grand Old Party.

Saltsman should have listened to GOP statesman Colin Powell, who recently and courageously spoke out and said his party needed to distance itself from the extremists such as Limbaugh if it would add to its ranks of supporters.

Saltsman, however, with his stupid act shows he would continue to distance the party from African-Americans and Hispanics, dooming the GOP to more election days defeats of massive proportions. The joke is on him.

Republican leaders -- including Dr. Bill Frist of Nashville -- would do their party well by distancing themselves from Saltsman, who has shot himself in the foot while making an ass of himself.

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