Thursday, December 25, 2008

In discussing the need for hope, 'endure' may be better word to use to encourage people to fight

At this time of year, the word "hope" gets thrown around more than manure on a spring garden.

And sometimes it must sound like bullshit to people who are hurting. It may not be that helpful to keep being told the same word over and over.

I was talking with my intellectual cousin Salvador the other day, and we came up with a better word for ourselves and others searching for better and more fulfilling times.


"Endure" means dragging yourself out of the bed every morning because you are supposed to, because others are expecting you to. I learned that in fighting leukemia, because I knew that God was watching and demanded I fight for the life he and my wonderful mother gave me.

"Endure" means accepting each disappointment as a punch in a long fight, or an obstacle in a long race. What doesn't keep you down or stop you altogether does really make you stronger. And that hurdle you put behind you will be remembered later as a turning point -- when things get better. And they will.

"Endure" means keeping the faith, the same faith that got your mom and dad and grandparents through a Great Depression and World War when there was no social safety net or guarantee that good would triumph over evil. But it did then, and it will now, as long we keep the faith built by the generations before us to a most a loving and giving God.

So when the word "hope" is aimed at you again, let it pass and substitute "endure" for it. You will endure the current difficulties, and the tough times now will be the foundation for your resurrection and more.

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