Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jeff Woods puts Bredesen in his proper place

Jeff Woods of the Nashville Scene is easily Music City's best political writer by far and much better than me.

So I enjoy when he hits a bullseye like yesterday with this Pith in the Wind entry on the man and the myth, Gov. Phil Bredesen:

Just about every time Gov. Phil Bredesen appears before reporters, one of them (usually a piece of TV eye candy) asks whether he plans to join Barack Obama's Cabinet. This gives Bredesen the opportunity to puff out his chest and talk about how he chats occasionally with Obama. The president-elect discusses health-care issues with the governor and asks really good questions, Bredesen says with his customary modesty.

But no, the governor adds, he's not really interested in moving to Washington. The state's business is much too pressing, he sighs.

Please. Didn't we already go through this back when Obama was supposedly considering making Bredesen the first Geek Veep? The truth is, Bredesen isn't going to Washington because Obama isn't asking him.

Bredesen's bad-mouthing of Obama is well-chronicled. Obama probably hates Bredesen. If Obama doesn't, his people do. Here's a Washington Post story naming all the potential Cabinet appointees who have ruled it out. Bredesen doesn't make that list because the writer realizes it's preposterous that Obama even would consider our governor for his Cabinet. Can we move on now?

Can I get an "Amen"?!


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