Thursday, December 4, 2008

Judge makes right decision on English only vote

Davdson County Judge Claudia Bonnyman made the right decision last night in denying an injunction to stop a Jan. 22 referendum in Nashville on English only in city operations.

Her honor has been burdened with this political hot potato twice in the past few months, and that's unfair to her and the justice system. This issue obviously is something that should be decided by the voters.

The legal relief sought by a Central American was filed because she said she did not know enough English and the referendum if made law would hurt her. The obvious question for her is why did you come here if you did not know the majority language. Also, what would keep you from learning enough English from now to the vote to get by? My grandparents made it in this country without anyone in authority speaking their language.

These kind of legal shenanigans only make passage of the referendum more certain. I oppose it. It is a step backward from progress in an increasingly multi-cultural world and city. But I support the right of the people to be heard.

I believe a positive case can be made to voters to stop the referendum. But avoiding the ballot altogether through the improper use of the courts is not the way.

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