Monday, December 1, 2008

Knoxville becoming prosperous with Hispanics

The Knoxville News-Sentinel -- the state's best newspaper -- again showed its superiority today with a fascinating roundtable discussion with a Hispanic business executive, restaurant owner and radio station manager.

Unlike Nashville, Knoxville does NOT have the punitive 287g deportation program. The business community in Knoxville is delighted with Hispanic workers and their contributions as workers, families and taxpayers. This decade, the Hispanic population has increased by 55 percent in Tennessee. Memphis, Tennessee's largest city, also does NOT have the 287g deportation program.

The trio of Americans of Hispanic descent in the roundtable discussion told an uplifting story of the Hispanic presence in Knoxville that we don't get here from the supposed mainstream news media in Nashville. And Knoxville is a Republican city. Nashville is a Democratic one, and faces an English only referendum for the conducting of city business on Jan. 22.

The News-Sentinel in its Business section devoted a lot of space to this roundtable discussion. For just the sake of enlightenment and what a city can be with tolerance for all, read the roundtable discussion at:

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