Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Layoffs starting today at The Tennessean

Gannettblog.blogspot.com reports that layoffs have begun at The Tennessean, which along with other Gannett newspapers is expected to cut 10 percent of its staff in newsrooms and other departments.

The blog reported from Nashville: "So far in the newsroom today, we've lost two managers and a copy editor."

Other papers are following suit: "Pensacola News Journal has finished up.
At least five has been laid off, including the business editor who was called in from her maternity leave. Classy."

Meanwhile, the value of Gannett's stock has risen more than 30 cents per share today. Investors love layoffs. O, my, those of us who invest in the stock market have made a deal with the devil. We all will be burned.

I'll give you more updates when they come in. Say a prayer for these poor people losing their jobs during the holidays and my industry -- which is losing all sense of integrity and decency.

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