Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More sports fanaticism is not answer for better world; gene testing children for skill outrageous

Ongoing news media coverage of the ability of doctors to test children for a gene to determine if they'll be super athletes is not a way to make better human beings to create a better world.

Any coach will tell you that it's not the genes that determine a great athlete. It is his or her heart -- the kind of courage and determination they are taught by their parents, faith or life.

Consider the damage to children if they are forced into sports if they're not interested in the competition. What is Albert Einstein had tested for the gene to be a great soccer player? Or Madame Currie had tested to be a gymnast? Or George Washington Carver to be a great baseball player?

Perhaps science can one day determine the gene that makes it more likely that a child will be a doctor, humanitarian, Marine or community organizer. Or just a good father or mother.

Testing for the sports gene is a giant step back for humanity ... and our children.

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