Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pelosi, Dems are about to rob taxpayers again

If it wasn't arrogant enough that the CEOs of the nation's Big 3 automakers flew in separate private jets to Washington, D.C., last month asking for a taxpayer bailout, today's trips by cars was even more of an insult.

Instead of the $25 billion that the automakers were asking for last time, their new plans submitted this afternoon to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi boosted the revenue robbery by another #3 billion. And Pelosi acted like everything was fine. She even went further and said Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization for the automakers was not an option.

What other business in this nation is provided such political protection?

So did Wall Street. The Dow rose 270 points, believing that Congress is going to rubber stamp this bailout in time for a new President Obama to sign or a lame duck George W. Bush to roll over and surrender to it.

I cannot believe it. I cannot believe the taxpayers of this nation would stand for this outrage. If you don't flood your lawmakers' offices with angry phone calls and e-mails, we might as well bail out every industry from the automakers to the makers of edible underwear.

This mad dash to socialism must stop. Only your outrage can save the day, and this nation. If the Republican Party wants to make a comeback from a disastrous Nov. 4, blocking this bailout would be the first big step toward winning back public favor.

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Anonymous said...

This is only the beginning of the tax and spend Democrats. In the Obama administration there will be higher taxes for all, no matter what was said during the campaign. All politicians lie to get votes and then, once in office, do exactly the opposite of what they promised. Obama will be no different, so you better hope you have some change left after he taxes the hell out of us all.