Monday, December 15, 2008

Rep. Barney Frank is an arrogant asshole

If you watched the 60 Minutes profile piece last night on U.S. Rep. Barney Frank as the architect of the bailout of Wall Street fatcats, then you left nauseated at how arrogant of an asshole he is with his way or the highway approach to a republic formm of government.

Frank's sexuality and shenanigans used to be the way he got headlines. Now it is in promoting socialism at the backwards' expense of the little people. The most telling point of his attempt to intimidate interviewer Leslie Stahl was his admission that banks still are not lending despite the bailout -- and they can't be forced to.

Stahl was aghast that the legislation could not have been written to force the banks to lend the money. But Frank the Asshole would hear nothing of Stahl's common sense and questioning on several occasions.

There is another consequence to Frank's failure as lawmaker and leader. With the Big 3 automakers now going to the White House for $15 billion in loans, why could the banks under the TARP bailout simply loaned their own money to the car manufacturers if these Detroit's finest were such a worthy credit risk?

Because they're not. And they are willing to provide any guarantee to the promises made to Congress. And the UAW refused to negotiate to reach a deal with Congress, knowing that the White House would cave in.

Frank's sexuality means nothing to me, as neither should any lawmaker's -- be it hetero, homosexual, asexual or with Japanese plastic robots that are the current craze over there.

Frank simply is an asshole in a leadership position, which seems to be the norm for Congress, the newspaper industry, Wall Street and so many other sectors of capitalism. Pity the people who suffer because of these arrogant men and women.

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Anonymous said...

i detest frank, more than any other member of congress. he is a clueless arrogant "intellectual", and refuses to confront the failure of his policies and of his ideas. total a-hole.....