Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some Christians taking offensive for the season

I was taking my daily power/Rosary walk when I noticed a sign in a front yard: "We say Merry Christmas."

I've noticed bumper stickers with the same message, too, on cars. And it signals a major offensive this holiday season by some Christians to make sure that Christ and Christmas are put back more prominently into this time of year.

This battle between the secular and believer worlds has been going on for quite some time. Outside of the holiday season, the battle is over displaying the 10 Commandments in public buildings.

But the warfare at Christmastime gets somewhat nasty at a time that is supposed to encourage goodwill to all.

I've found fault when talking to extremists on both sides. Some secularists have made it their mission to take religion out of this time of year. They love to tweak the noses out of joint for the other side. And I feel more sad for them than mad at their silliness.

Believers in the extreme can too often trample over the need for tolerance, among those who have another faith or don't believe at all. There is nothing wrong with calling it the holiday season in public venues such as classrooms where the minds of children are still being molded and are outside of their parents' wishes.

But the reason for the season is the birth of Christ. And those who want to deny it by whatever means possible are wrong on the issue and in the spirit of the season.

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