Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bush's statement about being unprepared for going to war is a damning admission for a world leader

President George W. Bush has said he was unprepared to go to war in Iraq, which horribly showed in the more than 4,000 Americans who have given up their lives and more than 100,000 Iraqis who have died.

Bush says that bringing freedom to millions of Iraqis is the proudest part of his legacy. But he wrongly went to war in Iraq, going after weapons of mass destruction. None were found. So his administration made up the cause of bringing democracy to an area unaccustomed to it to try to cover its error.

Yet our brave men and women were set down in the middle of a generational civil war between religious factions.

Now we are awaiting Iran to take over Iraq with its Shiite clerics. President Obama has his hands tied. This problem was not of his making. Our country can no longer afford the Iraq war in lives and in $10 billion spent each month.

Meanwhile, our returning and maimed veterans have received poor and shocking treatment from their own government. Shame has just been mounted on shame. These men and women deserved better, as well as their families.

Too many lives on all side were given in vain, and Bush will not be able to escape that legacy.

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