Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tennessean whacks whopping 22 newsroom positions; and all because its leaders suck

The Tennessean whacked an incredible 22 positions and families in Middle Tennessee over the past two days, despite racking up profits from its high ad rates here of more than 21 percent, according to year ago statistics.

The newspaper also will be cutting out its online department in February, which is not to be unexpected since its lack of commitment to the website and its slowness really kept more readers away than attracted.

This size of layoff is so incredibly sad and angering, considering the managers of the newspaper going back to the 1990s are the ones -- with the exception of Craig Moon -- who turned the publication into a shell of what it once was. O, if only we still had The Banner.

I noticed some friends names in the list of people who lost their jobs. One dear one is a single mom with two young daughters.

I can only pray for all of these good people and professionals and offer them any support possible -- particularly right before Christmas. I will not list their names here for the sake of letting them have a little of their dignity.

I know when I lost my columnist job that I felt a great wave of shame and anger. I can only imagine what these good people are feeling.

I won't write on about Gannett and Tennessean management. My disdain for them has never been hidden. I just hope that the corporation will sell The Tennessean to a local group of community leaders. Then they can return to Middle Tennessee a good newspaper and a place for the good 22 people to return to work.

God bless them all.


Anonymous said...

Tim, the Tennessean is not eliminating its Online department. Where did you hear that?

Anonymous said...

Tim, the Tennessean will not be cutting out its Online department in February.

MakeANoise said...

I hear you Tim, one of those laid off was a friend of mine, a single sucks, especially at this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Names, please. Who got cut?